Joyful Journeys


Joyful Journeys is a Sunday morning program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade which takes place during the 10:30 am service. We use a version of the "workshop rotation" model with this age group. Generally during a four-week period, the children rotate through four different workshops on the same Bible story. Those workshops might include: games, video, drama, cooking, puppetry, computers, music, or arts and crafts.


Third graders with new BiblesThird graders receive their BiblesThere are a number of advantages to the workshop rotation model. There is more active participation and use of multiple ways of learning in the workshops. When children miss a week of class, they don’t miss the story. They will hear it in each workshop. Hearing the story several times makes it easier to remember. Teachers teach once a month (the same class) which gives more people an opportunity to teach, and no adult leader has to miss worship to teach every Sunday. The children see a different teacher each week of the month, but have the same "team" of teachers all year. The kindergarten class explores the same rotations in a self-contained classroom (KiC Club room). They have a consistent "Shepherd" with them every week, bridging their pre-school Church School experience with Joyful Journeys. 


Joyful Journeys 2Each Sunday the children either attend the first part of the worship service with their families in the sanctuary, or gather in the Chapel where they are grouped and escorted to their class. Signs in the CE Lobby and the Sanctuary Narthex identify where children begin each week. If the children begin in the Sanctuary, there are "worship bags" available to provide bookmarks for the Bibles and Hymnals, as well as crayons, paper and a lifesaver candy.

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