FPCRO 5Fs Small Group Fellowships  

5Fs Logo 2The 5Fs groups have a positive tradition at our church.  What is a 5Fs group?  A 5Fs group is a FPCRO group that gets together for fun, food, fellowship, friends, and faith.  Usually 10-12 people form a group because of a common interest or life stage.  The intent is to connect with friends and to grow in faith.  We currently have five 5Fs groups, but we are looking to expand!  They usually meet once a month at the church or someone’s home.  A meal and a faith discussion is usually part of the event and the support and understanding develops from these monthly interactions.  One member says, “my friends in my 5Fs group have been there for me through life’s ups and downs.”  Is this small group for you?  Yes, there is a group for everyone!  We need your input to build the group especially for you.  Look for upcoming information on “A Taste of 5Fs” where you can learn and experience what a 5Fs group does. 

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