FPCRO Session and Trustee Committees

The committees that oversee First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak are chaired by and composed of members of our Session and Trustees and a member of our staff. Congregation members who are not currently on Session or Trustees are welcome to serve on our committees except for those committees limited to Session and Trustee members as indicated below. If you are interested in participating in one of our committees, please contact the committee chairperson for more information.


Christian Education

Chair: Tom Soboleski; Staff: Kim Kucharski

The Christian Education Committee explores opportunities for growth and interest in our Christian Education Programs for preschool through fifth grade children and for adults. The committee also reviews candidate applications seeking financial assistance in education through the Kirkman Scholarship Fund.


Communication and Evangelism
Chair: Jeff Leestma

The Communication and Evangelism Committee promotes an attitude of a "welcoming congregation" that attracts people to our church, invites them to join, and encourages them to become involved church family members. The committee oversees the series of Inquirers classes for those interested in exploring FPCRO membership. It promotes communication within the church (i.e., the Church Bell Newsletter) and to the outside community via advertising in local newspapers and the internet. It also oversees development and maintenance of the FPCRO website.


Finance and Investment
Chair: Krispen Carroll; Staff: Kari Peruski

The Finance and Investment Committee oversees the finances of the church including the development of yearly budgets and long range budget plans that are presented to Session.  The committee meets quarterly with the outside advisor overseeing the FPCRO Endowment Fund and decides on its investment allocation. This committee is made up of selected Session and Trustee members only.



Chair: Barb Hayes (bjhsander@wowway.com)

The Hospitality Committee oversees the calendar of fellowship events at FPCRO, including the Sunday Coffee Hour, receptions after special events, funeral luncheons, and more. They also identify and encourage groups and/or individuals to host church-wide receptions and social activities. For more information, please visit our page for Greeting, Ushering, and Hospitality.


Mission and Benevolence
Chair: Karen Barger

The Mission and Benevolence Committee explores opportunities for local community outreach and works to strengthen the commitment of FPCRO members to the programs it identifies. It also researches national and international mission opportunities for our church and suggests where our mission dollars are spent. 


Chair: Keith Weber

The Nominating Committee identifies well-suited congregational members to serve on the Session, Board of Deacons, and Board of Trustees and seeks their permission to present them as candidates for those positions at a Congregational Meeting in May of each year so that they can be elected and begin serving a three-year term the following August. They also are responsible for forming special committees such as the Pastor Nominating Committee. 


Chair: Barb Ferriby

The Personnel Committee oversees the programming and general staff of the church. The committee is made up of selected Session and Trustee members only. 



Chair: Suzanne Lewand; Staff: Kari Peruski

The Stewardship Committee works to promote better stewardship throughout the membership on a continual basis. Their major task is the development and implementation of the Spring/Summer Stewardship Campaign. This includes three Minute for Stewardship presentations at Sunday morning worship services in the weeks preceding Pledge Dedication Sunday (May 18 in 2014) and giving Results Reports to our congregation on our progress towards meeting the financial target of the Stewardship Campaign. The Stewardship Committee is also responsible for ordering pledge envelopes for the congregation.

Worship and Music

Chair: Julie Matthews; Staff: Don Daniels

The Worship and Music Committee suggests formats and opportunities for our Sunday and other worship services, including anthems and special musical worship services.


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